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Check Your Go Kart Tires Condition

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The condition of your tires plays an important role in racing. This is true for those who race for recreation or for competitive sport. A go kart will go much faster around the track depending how the tires make contact with the racing surface. One of the essentials to having a good set of tires is the ability of all tires to work together. The amount of contact with the ground must be balanced equally among each one. Also, tires perform best when raced within their specific temperature range. For instance, tires that become too hot will blister or feather, which results in less gripping to the race track. If the tires are too cold, it may result in sliding across the race surface or possible pick up rubber pieces from the track. Ideally, all four wheels should have smooth wear throughout the surface with no signs of blistering.

Other factors which affect the tires include chassis adjustments. This will play a role in how your go kart handles the corners. In addition, a kart should be scaled accordingly to the size of the tires. Often times, you can tell what underlying problems the kart may be experiencing by observing the wheels. For instance, if you notice a go kart that develops a “push” through the turns, this is an indicator that the front tires are starting to “feather,” meaning that it’s sliding rather than gripping. To correct this, you will have to plant the front end of the kart and give the tires more grip. You can widen the front wheels to achieve this result.

If you notice the go kart “hop” while moving through the middle of a corner, you may want to narrow the front tires. You can also lower the front frame height to help open up the front end. If you experience the go kart sliding while entering a corner, this indicates that you may have to put in a stiffer axle, add longer hubs or stiffen the seat struts. Another method to increase grip for the entire go kart is to add caster to the front kingpin.

These are just simple steps you can take to ensure the tires on your go kart are in good shape and functional. Paying attention to these signs will help you drive more efficiently.

Useful Go Kart Guide – Karting Guide

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If you want to buy a go kart, then a great way to start the process is to go to a kart track. For a fee, you can drive 2 or 4 cycle go karts for a taste of what type of kart best fits your needs. It is a good idea to do some research on go karts before you make the investment, in order to be fully informed about what is available. This is an ideal strategy to get a feel for go karting. Here are a few points to consider when contemplating purchasing a kart.

There are two important features to consider when buying a gokart, such as what size do you need and does it come with safety features? Remember to take into consideration the age and driver training of the primary driver operating the go kart. There are gokarts especially designed for varying degrees of experience; from beginner karts for kids under age ten, to intermediate karts for pre-teens, to full-sized karts for the experienced teen and adult.

Since they are so close to the ground, gokarts are pretty difficult to roll. In the rare event that a kart does roll over, most have roll bars or brush cages which provide increased safety. Unless they are for racing, the karts have limited speeds; usually less than 50 mph.

Now is the time to decide whether you want to buy a new or used go kart. There are some important things to remember when buying used. Get to know the seller a bit and ask why he or she is selling the kart. You definitely do not want to purchase a go kart that has a worn out chassis or engine.

Take your time and decide how much you are willing to spend on a used kart. You can expect to spend $800 to $1500 or more for what is called a rolling chassis. A rolling chassis includes the chassis, rims, axle, a gas tank and various other go kart parts.

If you want to purchase a new go kart, then there are other expenses to consider. If you buy a new chassis and engine, you will increase the total cost of your go kart. When shopping for a new chassis, you need to determine the brand you prefer. The better known the brand is, the more expensive it will be.

A new chassis can cost from $1500 to $2500 or more depending on the brand and year. An engine can be bought from a local supplier and will vary in price depending on your preferences, but generally they are anywhere from $750 to $2000 or more.

Hopefully, this has given you some helpful hints to consider before purchasing a go kart. Remember, consider the age and size of the primary driver. Also think about where the kart will be driven and what safety features are available. After purchasing just the right kart, you will be on your way to providing hours of fun for your family and friends!

Do Not Underestimate Small Go Karts

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Go karts come in many different sizes, but to the beginner or average Joe who doesn’t know anything about karting, they usually all seem like small go karts. The fact is that they are small when compared to other vehicles – they are actually the smallest vehicle that can be driven apart from a motorize scooter, but they aren’t nearly as powerful. In the go kart world, small go karts are made for smaller drivers, usually meaning those who are younger. The small go karts cater to their short limbs and obviously are very much the same as a regular or large, just scaled down a fraction with a bit less power.

Small go karts can often beat the bigger karts because of their lightweight frames and also because they usually carry a lightweight driver. These two things allow a small go kart with a smaller engine to beat a bigger go kart with a bigger engine because the power to weight ratio may be better for speed in the small go karts favor. For this reason, in professional go karting, the drivers are usually on the small side, like jockey’s, the lighter they are, the faster their vehicle can travel around the track therefore they can win more races. Modifications from the first go karts have included things like light weight parts, carbon fiber panels, lightweight steel frames and much more to save on weight but still keep performance. This has shaved seconds of quarter mile times and new technologies keep adding to this impressive record. Every place a pound can be saved, it is.

However small go karts aren’t just useful for professional drivers. They allow young drivers to partake in the exhilarating sport at ages a low as 3 and 4. Obviously they do not drive powerful karts, but it goes give them the urge to race in the coming years, and as we all know, go karting is a stepping stone for youngsters into professional race car driving all the way up to formula1.

Many parents, especially protective mothers do not want their precious little darlings to race go karts, but having such a variety of karts like small go karts that only have limited power allows them to ease into the sport with next to no chance of incurring any sort of injury. Go karting is a recreational sport for all ages and small go karts allow even the youngest child to have a great day in a kart!