Small Go Karts

Go karts come in many different sizes, but to the beginner or average Joe who doesn’t know anything about karting, all go karts look small. Well, compared to any other 4 wheel vehicle, they are small! In the go kart world, small go karts are made for smaller drivers, usually meaning those who are younger. The small go karts cater to their shorter limbs and obviously are very much the same as a regular or large, just scaled down a fraction with a bit less power.

Small Go Karts

Small go karts can often beat the bigger karts because of their lightweight frames and also because they usually carry a lightweight driver. These two things allow a small go kart, with a smaller engine to beat a bigger go kart with a bigger engine because the power to weight ratio may be better for speed in the small go karts. For this reason, in professional go karting, the drivers are usually on the small side, like jockeys, the lighter they are, the faster their vehicle can travel around the track enabling them to win more races.

Light Weight Karts

In fact, there has been a concerted effort from manufacturers to reduce the weight in go kart components in order to reduce the overall weight of the kart, modifications include the introduction of carbon fiber panels and lightweight steel frames. The move to lighten the kart frame and structure has shaved seconds off quarter mile times, and new technologies keep adding to this impressive record. Every place a pound can be saved, it is. But, I digress, back to small go karts!

Go Karting for Kids

Small go karts for kids, small karts, children's kart trackSmall go karts allow young drivers to partake in the exhilarating sport at ages as low as 3 and 4. Obviously these go karts have smaller engines to keep the speed manageable for young kids, so there is less risk for them. Getting kids into small karts at a young age gives them the opportunity to learn how to drive in a relatively safe and fun environment which tends to foster a love for motor sport at a young age, and as we all know, go karting is a very common stepping stone for youngsters into professional race car driving, all the way up to Formula 1.

Many parents, especially protective mothers, do not want their precious children to race go karts, but having such a variety of karts, like small go karts that only have limited power, allows them to ease into the sport with a significantly reduced chance of incurring any sort of injury. Go karting is a great recreational sport for all ages and small go karts allow even the youngest childen to have a great day in a kart!